Monday, August 8, 2011

Which currency pair to trade ???

Anyone who is new to forex trading, might find it confusing as to which currency pair they should trade. Personally, I prefer the majors. When you select a currency pair to trade, keep in mind to check it's spread and it's liquidity. All the major pairs offer you good liquidity but I prefer Eur/Usd.

I prefer trading in EU pair as this currency pair is highly volatile and has the best spread and gives a 200 pips average move daily. It's just my style of trading.

I have been trading EU since 4 years along with other currency pairs. But, since 2 years I am concentrating only on Eur/Usd. I find it easy to study one pair more effectively rather than trading blindly with different currency pairs.

Friends, please share your views on this..

Thanks and happy trading..


valsara said...

I have gone through most of the postings and found helpful to newbees in forex trading.

rmn123 said...

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